NLP Life Training - 10 Years

It's been powerful ... powerful, exciting and challenging.

Jessica Kirton, an actress from West London, attended the Licensed Practitioner Course in May 2012, taught by Richard Bandler, John LaValle and Kathleen LaValle. We asked Jessica what she thought of the course.

"The course has been fantastic. It’s been really, really amazing. I think that the most amazing difference that I’m gonna find day to day is that my spider phobia has been cured and that really, really affected me. It was just so difficult to deal with and now it’s just surprised me so much what’s changed. I think that people should do it, without even thinking about it. Just come in and do it because it’s amazing.  I mean, I’ve learnt so much stuff that, intuitively, you might have known, you might not have known.  But, there’s definitely things to learn. It's been powerful, my words evade me.  Powerful, exciting and challenging."
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