NLP Life Training - 10 Years

"makes a huge difference" - Masterclass with Richard Bandler

Severine Duhau gave this testimonial to us after the Masterclass with Dr Richard Bandler
This day is not a Conference or a training : it's a meeting.
In this Day, Richard Bandler is not only Talking TO us : he's also talking WITH us - with everyone of us.
This sharing makes a huge difference, compared to all other existing formats, while you learn from What he's saying to You - but You Also learn from what he's saying to every other person in the group. 
In this MasterClass, observing Richard Bandler while he's listening to people, and seeing how much he's concerned by everyone, is also a great experience.
In this day, Richard Bandler brings his experience as a therapist, as a hypnotist, as a coach, as a businessman - as a man, too : whatever the demand, he gives you the most useful part of him - he gives You the Best of him.
Thanks a lot Richard for this precious gift You made me - In the train going back home, following your advice I wrote 3 emails that already helped me in my project, and my mind is a lot clearer about next steps to success!:-)
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