NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Thanks to this event I have become a published Novelist

I thought I’d let you know that I attended last year’s Get The Life You Want and it has made a real difference to the one aspect of my life that I was focussing on at the time – the aim of becoming a published novelist.
One of the exercises that Paul took us through was imagining what you wanted in a year’s time and then breaking that down into what you needed to do after three months, six months and nine months to get to where you wanted to be after twelve.
I wanted to be sat in a bookshop signing copies of my new bestseller in May 2015.
Three months after the event, I had completed the first draft of a novel which I had struggled to finish for years. At the six month point it was edited and ready to submit to a publisher. It was accepted onto the Britain’s Next Bestseller programme and my novel Who Is Bruce Taylor? goes live tomorrow (2nd January).
By the nine month point, I want to have secured enough pre-orders to guarantee a publishing deal. That just leaves the tiny matter of publication in May.
The ability to get this far, this quickly, no matter what life threw at me was directly attributable to that weekend last May.
Thank you

Max Robberts
Attended Get the Life You Want in 2014
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