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The NLP application was excellent...


I thought it would be nice to provide you with some feedback for Presentation Skills workshop I did with you a few weekends ago. 
I need to say I enjoyed it very much. The NLP application was excellent and I saw you are very well trained by Richard. You are a great coach and you really have what it takes for this role. I think the way you led the techinques was very very nice and effective. I still remember how it feels to be the person I chose to become and also how you turned the negative feeling into confidence which gave me really strong roots. I could almost feel them physically and the feeling of confidence and stability was a very nice one. 
I'm considering doing some more courses with you in the future. Was really thinking about master practitioner but working as a freelancer it is hard to give up 5 days of work unfortunately :( Although I still have not decided either way. Perhaps I could do public speaking instead as this will be during the weekend I guess. 
I also need to admit the way you deal with difficult people amazed me... I wouldn't know how to do this myself and the way you handle it is very smart. That is a valuable skill to have while leading public courses and meeting various people.... 
The idea with recording people is also great and unusual. I didnt see any other companies offering this and I agree this is the best feedback one can receive. 
I can imagine you'd like to know what people though about bringing style consultant to the workshop. In my opinion, that was an amazing idea which for me was 100% briliant. The feedback Natasha gave me and other people was extremely interesting and I learnt a lot from it. I found it to be a great added value to the course. Therefore I'd recommend to carry on with it as it makes huge difference, especially for girls, I imagine. It is also something that is hard to find anywhere else for the fraction of price those people normally charge therefore i'd say it is definitely worth it for me as a client. 
The other thing which I already told you after the workshop was that I loved the way you appreciate people's time and aims with which we came to the course. It was very visible you did your best to make sure everybody gets what they want to get out of it. Also doing your best to use the time we had to give us the most of the knowledge and feedback to benefit us to the highest extent. I need to say this is something that not many people do and only for this reason itself I would definitely recommend your courses to my friends and workmates which I have already been doing anyway :) I really appreciate you have this attitude and best intention towards customers and I cannot stress enough how important it is for me and also how rare it is in the current market. 
Hope you are now feeling as good and confident as I felt when you did the technique with me. I hope I managed to give some of this back to you :) 
Please forward this feedback to Natasha as well as she really did a great job too and deserves a prize too :) 
Hope you have a good night. 
Kind regards, 
Powerful Presentation Skills, 25th-26th June 2011
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