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"more than content" The Secrets of Hypnosis with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna

Raymond Galje wrote about The Secrets of Hypnosis with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna
The secrets of hypnosis workshop for me was a very well organized workshop covering basic and advanced techniques of hypnosis.
Good to see Paul Mckenna for my first time and of course a pleasure to receive training from Dr. Richard Bandler again.
As not having had practiced much NLP techniques since completing the practitioner training in may 2012, I was amazed at how quick all came back to mind when accessing the unconscious mind while doing the exercises. I noticed that many people from previous seminars were attending also and this created a good opportunity to share experiences along with receiving further tips and tricks.
Overall I´m more than content with my 2 days at the Secrets of Hypnosis workshop and I recommend anyone from aspiring NLP practitioners to people just looking for that something different... 
I hope this testimonial inspires other people also to now attend any one of the life enhancing NLP Life events as I´m sure you will not regret going.
All the best to the NLP Life team & look forward to meeting again soon!

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