NLP Life Training - 10 Years

The course was perfectly balanced.

In October 2012 I did my Practitioner course with Dr Richard Bandler because I wanted to learn these powerful techniques directly from the person who invented them. It was a fantastic course and I learned what to do as an NLP practitioner. On a personal level I was transformed by the course. Afterwards I found myself happier, calmer and more confident having overcome anxiety resulting from some previously turbulent years in my business. Last week I attended the Master Practitioner training which was phenomenal. This time I learned how we do things as an NLP practitioner.

The course was perfectly balanced in terms of learning practise and fun. Kathleen and John La Valle are both excellent teachers and make these concepts easy to learn and use straight away. I now feel confident that I can use these techniques effectively on others. I felt very supported by the wonderfully helpful assistants and NLP life who run the trainings and I met many wonderful people, who had travelled from around the world to train with Richard. Some people I met were already experienced NLP practitioners and said even though they had taken courses with other trainers, the training with Richard and his team was the best.

I feel honoured and extremely privileged to have learned from Richard. I know in the future he will be revered for the genius he is because he truly understands how the brain works and how people generate behaviour. At the Master Practitioner level you get an insight into the different levels of communication when Richard is working with a client and his razor sharp perception, which is awe inspiring. In addition his kindness, generosity and incredibly funny sense of humour make these trainings exceptional. This is man who truly wants to create a better world through personal change. If you’re thinking about doing the practitioner or Master practitioner course then I would say go for it, it will change your life.

Naheed Brooking

NLP Practiioner October October 2014
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