NLP Life Training - 10 Years

...the pain I’ve been suffering... has really relieved...

Quick Soundbite Testimonial:
Sarah Hayns attended the Licensed Practitioner Course on 10th - 16th October 2011, taught by Richard Bandler, John La Valle and Kathleen La Valle.  We asked for a few sentences to give a flavour of the course: 
"Oh it’s been absolutely fantastic.  I feel liberated, I feel more relaxed than I’ve felt for years and years and the best thing is that the pain I’ve been suffering, which has been improving but was still there, has really relieved, and the muscle tension all the way down one side of my body is dissipating, it’s fantastic [laughter]... I think it’s a fantastic thing for anybody.  It's fantastic life skills, language skills, but particularly from my perspective, anybody suffering from chronic pain.  It’s amazing, absolutely amazing."
Licensed Practitioner of NLP 10/10/2011 - 16/10/2011
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