NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Summing up the course in three words, I'd say: amazing life experience!

Satvir Dhesi, a therapy assistant, attended Licensed Practitioner of NLP course with Richard Bandler in October, 2012. Here is what she thought:

"The course is absolutely fantastic. Richard Bandler, John and Kathleen are absolutely fantastic. The way they present it, the way they communicated - they did it so well. It was life-changing. It's changed the way I think, it's changed the way I communicate with other people. I feel positive. For me, I really loved when he did the hypnotising, and the trances. That's my interest. Being aware of your words, your metaphors - this has really stuck with me. The sessions with Richard Bandler really stood out for me. I'll be using it with my family, I'll be using it with my patients, I'll be using it for really getting better information from my patients. Summing up the course in three words, I'd say: amazing life experience!"

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