NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Marea Laoutari Deligianni - The Secrets of Hypnosis

The Seminar was a life changing experience!
I am a Life Coach / Strategic Interventionist and I got many new ways to be able to help my clients!
I already did a hypnosis yesterday to one of my clients -who had just found out something nasty about her husband- and she walked out of my office rejuvenated and feeling powerful!
I am planning to attend more seminars in the future. I am certified by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. Tony has mentioned many times that the NLP tools he is using come from Dr. Richard Bandler, and Cloe was married to Jay Hayle who has written most of Milton Ericsson's books, so it seems all is interconnected :)
I would like to thank Dr. Bandler and Paul McKenna for the incredible knowledge they shared with us, and Julian Daley for being such a great help from the first day I called to find out more info about this Seminar. This wonderful man has assisted me and the team of Greek friends that came along, in the most kind and caring way. He made us feel that a good friend, Julian, is expecting us at the event. He is just lovely!
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