NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Vivian McKinnon - The Secret of Hypnosis

Signed up to the Secrets Of Hypnosis in October 2015 then waited patiently for the dates to arrive.
After studying NLP, Hypnosis and various other approaches for many years i decided it was time to be inspired by Dr Richard Bandler himself, Paul McKenna (while i admired his work, I had not studied or even read any of his stuff) initially, was just a wee bonus.
I am now at the other end of the 2 days and taken a day to reflect and can honestly say in my experience Bernardo and his team have perfected the law of requisite variety, everyone went above and beyond to ensure a seminar experience that left me in no doubt that my skills and techniques had just been improved and massaged by the masters, Richard Bandler holds an audience like no other and delivers in a way more alike to entertainment than training inviting you to walk alongside him as he guides you along his path .. i hung on every word and immersed myself fully in his banter.
Paul McKenna on the other hand has this fabulous ability in enticing you to believe you are in his sitting room !! His gracious boy-like energy provoked the sleepy child with me who just wanted to be involved and play, he is definitely worthy of the status he now basks in as one of the great UK mind developers of our time.
Now i know some people have been unkind in their feedback/feedforward about both of these guys and the investment associated with being involved in this seminar, i am also aware an experience is only an experience unless you incorporate the learnings from it. Based on these two facts i can honestly say, attending and fully engaging in this seminar without prejudice has been one of the best decision i have EVER made fostering enhancement and nurturing of my personal growth and development.
Well done and huge heartfelt thank you to everyone involved, including me!, for converting an experience into more evidence of infinite human possibility.
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