NLP Life Training - 10 Years

"The best and most amazing seminar I ever experienced so far in my life" Licensed NLP Practitioner with Richard Bandler

Anja from Berlin gave us this glowing testimonial for this May's Licensed Practitioner of NLP, with Dr Richard Bandler:
"I would like to thank you for the best and most amazing seminar I ever experienced so far in my life.
Learning NLP right at the source with Dr. Richard Bandler was better than I could ever imagine. It’s been one week now after the NLP Practicioner course in London, I am back in Berlin and still full of energy and dynamic determination in doing the important things in life. I think this seminar was indeed life-changing to me. During the past 7 days I accomplished and resolved more things than during two months before that course. Had some major breakthrough in several old tense situations that I could simply dissolve now, relaxing the whole context.
I am so stunned and do not find the right words in English to express my gratitude for this wonderful learning experience. DANKESCHÖN !!!!!!
Richard is such a charismatic and humorous teacher and speaker, during each single minute of these long class hours I was highly concentrated and paid attention. Totally amazing! He enabled us to learn while having fun and while being asleep at night. Definitely the most effective and easiest way to learn such an amount of wonderful skills and techniques to use in everyday life.
To sum up my feeling after this course: I feel EMPOWERED to enjoy life and suceed in any respect.
And promised: I will be putting a smile in the face and some hope in the eyes of at least one person each day til the rest of the life.
Thank you so much Richard !
And thank you Bernardo and the whole team for the perfect organization!!! Great amazing experience. And I will definitely come back for the NLP Master.
Big hugs from Berlin, Germany
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