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Time, time and time again by John LaValle

Time, time, and time again!

John La Valle

AS I LIKE TO KEEP THINGS AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE, I thought I'd share this one with you.

HOW MANY PEOPLE would call a prospect and ask if they have the time to speak with them? Not many, I suppose. As I travel internationally, I get many responses like, "No, I'd never ask because they may say 'NO!' then what would I do!?

WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT TIME, and how it is one of the most valuable things we have, especially since it's gone no matter how we spend it, and once it's gone, it's gone, and that time doesn't really exists, except in our minds, how did it become so valuable? Well, it doesn't really matter here, because for many people, it is valuable.

SO, I GOT A CALL from a telemarketer just last week. The conversation went like this:

"Hello, may I speak with John La Valle, please?" "This is John." "John, I know you get lots of calls everyday, sales calls,
telemarketing calls, all kinds of calls. I want be right up front and tell you that this IS a sales call. All I'm asking for is 30
seconds to find out if you're interested in what I have to offer. At the end of the thirty seconds, if you're interested, we can
continue, or I can call you back at another time. If you're not interested at the end of the thirty seconds, I'll say 'Thanks.' and hang up. Can I have thirty seconds?"

NOW I'VE GOT TO TELL YOU that I do receive lots of calls. They don't last 10 seconds for many different reasons. This guy got my attention and fast. He appealed to one of my more important Meta Program sales tips: ASK IF THEY HAVE THE TIME." If they don't and you haven't asked, they're probably not going to be listening, anyway. If they say "No", then ask them when it would be convenient for them. And call them then.

NOW SOME OF YOU are probably saying, "C'mon John, this is too simple." Well, it is, but I'll bet you're not doing it. If you are, let me know. If you're not doing it, start and I'm interested in the results you will get. Take 100, 200, even 500 of your next prospecting calls. Divide them in half and keep track. With half of them, don't ask. On the other half ask. Keep track of your results. I'm interested in whether they stay on the phone with you and give you the opportunity to go further in your process. If you don't have something of value for them, don't bother calling at all, of course. If you have something of value, then go for the business.


©2014 John La Valle

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