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Dr. Aleksander Šinigoj

Dr. Aleksander Šinigoj is an inspirational and motivational writer and speaker. His focus is on how to improve and change people’s thinking and unconscious programming. His books have one common goal: touching and changing lives around the world. To absorb his books into the unconscious mind, he recommends reading his books more than once. He believes that in order to produce results in life, one must take action. But, in order to make good action-oriented decisions, actions must come from feelings that are both inspired and determined, rather than actions taken out of fear, greed or any other negative emotion.
His books are about change, but not only change on the conscious level, but also the unconscious. Procrastination, limiting beliefs, not expressing or using full potential and other unconscious limitations can block people from living the lives they dream about. When people change their unconscious programs, when they change their thoughts and feelings, they start to behave differently.
When people behave differently they get different results. Accordingly, the unconscious change can bring better results to people. Dr. Šinigoj is now traveling the world and speaking to different organizations that would like to produce different results by changing the values, beliefs, strategies and behaviour of their people. His fun, passionate, warm and mesmerizing method for presenting different topics makes his speeches and training workshops special, addictive and unique.
So many people understand and believe that the Law of Attraction really works, but yet they do not know how to attract money, career, relationships, health, happiness, joy, freedom in their lives. Manifestation Accelerator Formula is a simple system that can help you attract and achieve what you want in your life. It is based on many years of research, personal experience and also experience of many people who tried it and achieved what they wanted. If you have something that you would like to achieve and attract, by using Manifestation Accelerator Formula, you could do it faster and easier.
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