NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Naheed Zaman

YOU can have your own “Cosmic PA” to get rid of the struggle and strife and help you get what you want because you’re the managing director of YOUR Life!
Naheed will share with you a simple 5 Step system she developed after overcoming a series of challenges in her business and personal life. You’ll learn the same principles and processes that enabled her to go from struggling business owner to multi-millionaire female entrepreneur in 18 months. Connect with your Universal Assistant and open yourself up to the EXTRA-ordinary life that is waiting for you NOW!
The death of her father when she was 12, had a profound effect on Naheed and inspired her to search for answers. She went on to gain a Bsc in Psychology from the University of Hull but became dissatisfied with the scientific view of humanity that was taught, a serious health condition led her to investigate the healing effects of natural medicine and connected her to the spiritual nature of life.
Being both practical and spiritually minded, Naheed looked at securing her financial future and began investing in property in 2004, becoming financially free at aged 38. She then realised her real mission in life lay in teaching others about how to overcome challenges and how to easily and effortlessly attract the things they really want in life.
This came to fruition in the concept of the Universal Assistant, which teaches a simple 5 step process to start living a life of ease and joy instead of stress and struggle. Naheed teaches shares her personal struggles and gives you the exact processes she used to turn her life around. Her message of survival and strength will show you that no situation is hopeless and change can always happen and often in magical and unexpected ways.
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