NLP Life Training - 10 Years

NLP Life Trainers


Richard Bandler, John LaValle and Kathleen La Valle will provide you with the best quality training to ensure you are learning the skills of NLP at the very highest level.

NLP Life Training is a globally respected organisation and the certifications you can gain on our seminars are endorsed by the Society of NLP, accepted as the benchmark of excellence in NLP the world over.

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Robert Dene Smith

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Robert Dene Smith is a Marketing Consultant and CEO of Sachs Media and other associated brands. He helps business owners and entrepreneurs connect the marketing dots to achieve massive business breakthroughs. His expertises spans over 27 years working in the Financial, Legal, Recruitment and Coaching industry sectors.

Ruth Carter

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My journey started whilst undertaking my BA Honours degree in Child & Adolescent studies. I gained experience in Sexual Health, Social Care and developed a passion for Social Research.

Roshina Khan

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Roshina is passionate, focused and is able to build quick rapport to motivate and inspire people to be their very best. She creates space for others to think and rediscover what they really want to achieve and how to achieve it. She connects all the dots from the personal, professional and organisational self.